Friday, March 27, 2009

Help Save Program Open Space!


The Senate is considering taking ALL land conservation funding for FY10.

Please contact Senate President Mike Miller immediately and urge him to fully fund Program Open Space!

Call: 301-970-3700


Fax: 301-970-3910

Program Open Space is a vital part of land conservation efforts in the state of Maryland. It is funded through the state real estate transfer tax, which is recognized as one of the first and most successful dedicated funding sources for land conservation in the country. This 0.5% tax on real estate sales is the source of funding for many of Maryland's land conservation programs. This tax revenue provides funding for these critical conservation programs including county parks programs, state land acquisition and development (state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas), the Rural Legacy Program, which protects important agricultural, historical and ecological landscapes, and Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF), which buys easements to protect productive farmland.

The loss of funding will severe impacted land conservation programs and the future of these programs is at a critical point. In addition to valuable farmland and forests, we stand to lose safe and healthy places for our children to play, clean waters and streams and vital wildlife habitat.

Won't you take a minute to call or write Senator Miller TODAY and urge him to fully fund Program Open Space? Thanks for your help!

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